Research and Sustainable Development

Our Research consultants conducts specialized and targeted research on behalf of our client and produce final analysis of key findings in any area of ask

Our researchers are experts in their fields of studies with proven track records of delivering timely and future looking findings towards improving efficiency.

We pride ourselves in providing pre-during and post research to give our clients the holistic understanding of their request.

We use up to date technological tools, platforms and AI etc. to deliver our findings.  

Some of our areas of research include but not limited to:

  1. Customer Satisfaction and Net Promoter Score
  2. Customer attrition
  3. Pricing and branding
  4. Pre-product development, penetration and communication
  5. Competitor analysis
  6. Sales and Distribution
  7. AI enabled Mystery Shopping

Technology and Innovation etc.

Intelligent Business Development (IBD)

Our Intelligent Business Development services encompasses tasks and processes designed to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations.

We are of the firm belief that no business can survive on its on and working in silos has not proven to be successful

We the use of modern technology and expert knowledge we, our services cover areas such as;

  1. Developing SWOT and SMART business goal modules
  2. Designing global elevator pitches
  3. Brand positioning
  4. Product design and re-design
  5. Product launches
  6. Market storms, activations, etc.
  7. Developing strategic partnerships
  8. Mentoring and Coaching
  9. Conference organization, hosting and speaking

HR Service

The human capital is one of the most important aspects of every establishment and at Springs, we have successfully deployed and partnered various companies in providing and supporting with varied HR services aimed at making the organization the best place to work and the staff comfortable and proud at all times.

Some of our HR services are:

  1. Direct recruitment and out-sourcing
  2. Personal grooming training
  3. Soft skills training
  4. Retainer Consulting
  5. Resume, CV, Presentation writing
  6. Customized corporate HR trainings
  7. Benefits and compensation management
  8. Health Insurance management

Leadership and Change Management

At Springs, we believe leadership is key in turning organizational dreams into unique realities.

Our resolve to assist in making and growing leaders at all levels of the human race.

Towards achieving this, we offer strategic change management services such as;

  1. Mergers and acquisition
  2. Reaching new markets
  3. Branding and Rebranding
  4. IT and Innovation implementation
  5. Customized leadership training etc.

Branding and Rebranding

Our Branding and Rebranding training aims at equipping participants to proactively position themselves to seize the enormous opportunities therein and how to thwart potential threats and thereby delivery unmatched customer experience at all times

Winning Customer Experience

Our winning customer experience training offers a one-stop shop platform for any and anything aimed at continuously delivery and offering excellent customer delight.We offer a practical demonstration on the everyday customer service activities backed by used cases for improved service excellence 

Back-office Operations

A key determinant of a successful organisation is the availability of a robust and responsive back end unit. Our training offers a practical approach on supporting all stakeholders (external and internal) with respect to compliance and customer delight

Operations Management

Our operations training offers an all-inclusive understanding and demonstration of the relevant skills set needed for effective and efficient support to all stakeholders (internal and external) at all times.

Winning Sales Training

The importance of sales cannot be over emphasised in this fourth revolution of doing business. Our training thus offers up to the minute industry-based sales training skills to the salesforce. Our package includes but not limited to Training, Motivating, and Compensating, Leading sales force and closing deals.

360° Credit Administration and Management

 Our credit administration and management training is a 360° module that affords participants to have a comprehensive understanding of Credit administration applicable to all industries

Anti-Money Laundering / Combating the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Training

Preventing money laundering and terrorist financing is high on the agenda of governments and global financial regulatory bodies. Recently, Ghana came under the spotlight of the European Union for scrutiny of our commitment to the ML/FT fight. Prior to that we have witnessed/ heard an upsurge in regulatory changes making it more complex and wide-ranging affecting every aspect of business.

Failure to comply with these regulations will put you at significant risk; evidenced by enforcement actions taken against organizations that failed to meet their obligations. It is imperative that for organizations to remain in business and for that matter relevant in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, the acquisition of relevant skills and knowledge at every level of the organization, understanding the regulatory landscape and adhering to its obligations must be a continuous process we all must embrace.

Financial Inclusion, Fintech and Digital Banking

At the end of this course, participants would be able to understand the new dynamics of the market place in Ghana and the retail banking business models that are proving most successful.

The course will provide participants with a framework for developing a digital retail banking strategy, and the opportunity to compare the development of their own institution’s digital program with industry best practice.

Participants would be given hands on practical exposure and exposed to wide range of used cases and case studies across regional and global markets.

Tellering (Cashiering)

Our tailored made Tellering (Cashiering) training presents and equips participants with skills and techniques as Frontline Associates for consistent and compliance-based services at all times.

Healthcare Management

At Springs Premier, we believe that health is wealth hence our commitment to providing relevant, timely and future ready content on our Health Care Management Trainings and Consultancy Services. 


We are focused on ensuring that your institution and team members are equipped with 360° knowledge in providing quality health care services to improving lifestyles at all levels.


Some of our courses and services include but not limited to:


• Values, Ethics and Working Collaboratively

• Technology in Organizations

• Fintech and Payment Systems

• Essential Skills for Health & Care Management

• Meeting the Needs of Service Users

• Planetary Health

• Health Promotion

• Supporting Dignity and Respect Through Ethical Principles and Theories 

• Communication & Interprofessional Collaboration

• Leadership Theory & Concepts for Health & Care Management 

• Fundamentals of Health & Care Finance 

• Public Health 

• Resource Planning in Multidisciplinary Working 

• Digital Health Leadership 

• Evidence Based Practice 

• Global Health and Sustainability 

• Health Analytics and Planning

• Total Quality Management in Health & Care

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